Work on BSMBench began in summer 2011, during an internship of Swansea University Physics student Ed Bennett at IBM Watson in Yorktown Height under the supervision of Dr. Kirk Jordan (IBM), following a design of Prof. Biagio Lucini. The source code is based on the Monte Carlo simulation code HiRep, originally developed by Prof. L. Del Debbio (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Biagio Lucini (Swansea University), Dr. Agostino Patella (CERN Geneva), Prof. Claudio Pica (University of Southern Denmark) and Dr. Antonio Rago (Plymouth University).

More information about the benchmark, its practical usage, interpretation of results and sample runs on various supercomputer architectures can be found in the paper
HiRep is described in the following papers:
The original research was funded by the STFC research council. The development of BSMBench is sponsored by BSMBench Ltd.